25th October 2023

Zoe & Dan

Their Story

The Ravenswood is a stunning wedding venue spread over 18 acres in Sussex, South England. It’s a mix of old and new with stunning manicured gardens and the main part being built in the 1400’s when Henry IV was in reign, it certainly has that historic feel, yet modernised with some wonderful light and airy spaces for the perfect wedding day treat.

Meeting Dan and Zoe in the rain for their pre-wedding shoot, seeing how they didn’t let it phase them once that they had driven almost three hours, to have it end up raining, I just knew their wedding would be a total vibe!

Fast forward a few months and we found ourselves in the magical autumnal month of October, having driven through hours of standstill traffic the night before, being faced with a torrential storm and no car park for the overnight hotel it was safe to say I was ready to sleep ahead of the big day. After a good breakfast followed by a power cut in the entire street with no GPS signal to help up get to the venue for over an hour, Lauren and I make it in time thanks to my Husband and his map navigating skills. Always being early meant we were there in good time! We were ready to get stuck in!

Dan & Zoe
Dan & Zoe

The wedding day began with Zoe, her Mum and her wonderful bridesmaids getting ready in the bridal suite. With Dan, his two sons and the Grooms party in another room. The entire styling for this wedding was incredible. Classic black tie and white rose, finished off nicely with a touch of muted green foliage. Perfection. The personal vows of our bride and groom printed delicately onto card were a lovely touch.

A sweet ceremony, personal vows were exchanged, and Dan and Zoe were officially Man and Wife, Mr and Mrs Boulter. We headed outside for one of the best parts of the day that I really enjoy, the confetti throw! Photographed against the stunning brick of the Little Castle, everyone showered the newlyweds as the made their way through the cheers of their family and friends.

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. It wasn’t cold for this time of year, the colours were incredible, and we were treated to a beautiful hazy sunset which of course we had to head out into.

Hitting the dancefloor for their first dance we were treated to a live melody of Nelly Furtado “Feel So Close”, sung by Bridesmaid Chloe MacGregor, it was beautiful and set off an epic party into the evening. This is one of those where we could have easily cameras down and joined the party!


Dan & Zoe

Memories Captured

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Testimonial to come.

Zoe & Dan